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About Us

About Us


Here at Wendigo Distribution, we pride ourselves on a personal yet professional approach, exceptional customer care, innovative technology and attention to detail to position ourselves above our competitors. All these factors have propelled us towards becoming one of the fastest growing companies in leaflet distribution Jobs throughout London and the surrounding areas.

We take pride in employing reliable and efficient teams working 7 days a week whilst carrying out the leaflet distribution jobs of each and every leaflet ourselves. At Wendigo Distribution, we do not feel the need to outsource any of our leaflet distribution to exterior companies or distributors. Every week we always aim to cover miles of London’s roads and the surrounding areas.

Having clocked up just over decade of experience distributing leaflets and conducting marketing at street-level, we at Wendigo are fully aware that this calculates into targeted advertising at a high-level for your business, organisation and events; fully maximising the return on your hard earned investment. Whether you are targeting customers at their homes, public shopping malls or train stations, we will setup a leaflet distribution campaign which will strive to generate the results you desire.

Door to Door Flyer Distribution London
Door to Door Flyer Distribution London

Door to Door Distribution Services London

We Can Tell You How Many House Holds Are In Each Post Code Allowing You To Get The Right Amount Of Leaflets Out. Door-To-Door Leaflet Distribution Is Good For A Broad Audience And Can Help For Phone Calls To Come Maybe Not Straight Away But Eventually.

Another Great Aspect Of Door-To-Door Leaflet Distribution Is That You Get A Weekly Report Showing Where Each Distributor Has Been.Door-To-Door Leaflet Distribution Is Definitely One Of The Best Ways To Advertise. Door-To-Door Leaflet Distribution Is Used By Most Clients But I Could Say It Offers Slow But Steady Stats


What We Do In Door to Door Services

Our distributors will cover the designated area, delivering your unaddressed materials directly to resident homes by putting them into mailboxes or door mail slots.

We do NOT post to any properties with ‘No Junk Mail’ , ‘No Leaflets’, ‘No Circulars’ and many other signs.

Hand to Hand Distribution Services London

Hand-to-hand leaflet distribution is good for a an acute audience but it is more personal however with this you have to pick the perfect time and area to distribute in for the best results. A Great aspect of Hand-to-hand leaflet distribution is that you get a weekly report showing where each distributor has been. Hand-to-hand leaflet distribution is definitely a great way to make your clients feel wanted.

What We Do In Hand To Hand Services

In this case, the distributors will hand out your flyers, business cards, or other promotional materials at the location of your choice. This could be a train or rail station, a busy shopping mall or a particular part of town with high human traffic and footfall.

Business to Business Distribution Services London

Business-to-business leaflet distribution is good for a very personal approach I mean what other way to approach a business than to go in there and deliver your flyer. As like all the other distributions services Business-to-business leaflet distribution also gives you a weekly report of where your leaflets have been. Business-to-business leaflet distribution is convince if you are trying to sell your product to businesses

What We Do In Business to Business Services

We also provide B2B leaflet distribution which will allow you to target commercial properties such as offices and other places of work, business and trade.

These projects can be set up as bespoke campaigns if you wish to only distribute your promotional material to specific establishments or industry sectors.

Why Choose Our Leaflet Distribution Team

Experienced leaflet distribution team

Our team of distributors has years of experience in delivering leaflets to the right places at the right times, ensuring maximum impact for your campaign.

Affordable Prices

We offer competitive prices for our leaflet distribution services, making them accessible for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Reliable Technology

We use GPS tracking technology to ensure that your leaflets are delivered to the right places at the right times.

Customizable Campaigns

We offer a range of letterbox distribution options to suit your needs and can customize our services to meet your specific requirements.


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