Door to Door Distribution

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1) LOGISTICS OF DELIVERY- Finding the delivery point

With door to door distribution, the first thing to remember is that we are delivering unaddressed material and we cannot, therefore, guarantee to find or get to every single letterbox.

In fact, some properties do not have letterboxes and some have letterboxes in unusual places. Also, sometimes we cannot get into flats too.

If the deliverer is unfamiliar with the area he or she is delivering to it is very unlikely they will find all the relevant properties and all the letterboxes.

We aim to deliver to every letterbox in the drop area, however it is not usually possible to achieve 100% penetration with unaddressed material.

At Wendigo, we generally achieve better than 95% coverage, therefore on a run of 10,000 households (a typical drop) 500 households may not get one.

2) UNADDRESSED ITEMS – Who is the recipient

With door to door distribution, we are delivering material that is unaddressed and not to any particular person or individual at the address and your material may be being delivered with other leaflets.

We cannot guarantee that the resident who picks up the leaflets will pass the leaflets to other or all members of the household. In fact, many leaflets are consigned to the dustbin immediately.

Research (by the Direct Marketing Association – DMA) has shown that the average response to a door drop from door to door distribution across a wide range of product areas and geographical locations is 0.9%.

Our experience is that Pizza Parlours can get as much as 10%, whilst window installation companies (usually with a high individual sale value) may only get .05%. It is still a highly effective form of advertising.

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