MANAGED DELIVERERS (Post-People) – Careful training

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Wendigo Distribution Post People quite often do not live in the area they are delivering to. It is possible due to non-familiarity with the area that the odd house – on a corner, tucked away in a cul-de-sac, two households that look like one, or a property with a ferocious dog warning – may not be delivered to.

At Wendigo Distribution we carefully train our deliverers on how to put the leaflets through the letterboxes for maximum impact on the doormat. We give the deliverer a detailed map of the area they are delivering to with the streets shown. This is based on the very latest information, but it should be remembered that maps can often be out of date the day they are published.

New properties and housing estates (both large and small) are being built all the time. However, Wendigo deliverers are given a report sheet on which they are required to state exactly how many properties they have delivered to and any building etc that they could not gain access to.

SerhanMANAGED DELIVERERS (Post-People) – Careful training

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