Door-to-door distribution.

Consider door-to-door if you wish to target your customers at their homes by clicking the door to door icon.

Hand-to-hand distribution.

If you desire a team of our reliable staff to hand out flyers, business cards or other services whilst thoroughly promoting your business, go ahead and read about our hand-to-hand distribution service.

The cost of distribution is determined by a few factors. The size of the promotional material, the desired quantity, and the number of locations selected for distribution. Please feel free to contact us for a personal quote free of charge, or alternatively, check out our services page for a quick price quote by clicking on the services icon at the top of our page.

What is WD Tracker?

WD Tracker is an app which claims to turn users smart phones into an effective high data collection unit. The app is designed to track and analyze the performance of the individual by measuring the route taken and the speed in which that route was taking whilst following their progress.

Which devices are needed in order for it to work?

A phone running on either iOS or Android operating system is enough to run this application. In addition to this, Location settings must be switched on in order to allow the app to follow the individual’s every movement.

What does the tracking system do and how will it be applied to the street teams’ distribution responsibilities?

The very first thing all users must do after installing the app, is provide their name, surname and e-mail address which will be used to send them an activation code.

The second step would be to enter that code in order to activate the app and ready for use.

At the end of the distributor’s shift, street team members must press ‘Stop’ which is below the timer to end the ‘workout’. Users will notice that once the timer has started, the ‘Start’ button they first pressed will change to a ‘Stop’ button.

We will advise our employees to tap on the ‘Save ‘ option so that the route taken on the expansive map is visible. This will prove that the individual covered the area they were assigned to do on that particular day.

How are routes calculated and displayed?

Using cellular data capabilities, the device acts as a physical GPS tracker in hardware form to record every movement and change of direction which concludes with the route taken being shown on the map.

Does it need continuous reception or an internet connection?

To use this application, the chosen device must have an internet connection and use its cellular data capabilities.

Are Wendigo or their clients liable in terms of violation of privacy?

Before we have our street teams use this application, we will ask that they read our employee contracts carefully and agree to the Terms & Conditions implemented by Wendigo Distribution. Once this is done, both Wendigo Distribution and our clients will not be liable for any discrepancy thus protecting both parties.

Why does your business need it?

Wendigo Distribution feels that implementing a GPS tracking system on our employees’ devices will mean peace of mind for both the company and our clients. This system has been put into place to make sure that members of our street teams are carrying out their duties and responsibly in a suitable manner, and that the areas our clients have requested for distribution is covered at a high-quality standard in order to achieve maximum business promotion and advertising.

We are entitled to the right to not distribute if unforeseen circumstances occur (I.e heavy rain/bad weather, technical difficulties).

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